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It’s time these bots get bent!!

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I’m just obsessed with this hair released by DeLa recently. It’s just the sweetest mesh hair put out recently!

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Understated statement..




On Lyla:

Hair: Lamb – Witch in Butterfinger

Skin: Glam Affair – Mia in Natural 03

Eyes: Damien Fate – FateEyes v2.0

Lashes: Maitreya – Mesh Lashes (Group Gift)

Earrings: Bandit – Diamond Studs in Platinum

Corset: Ison – Geometric corset in mint

Bracelet: *MM Luxe* – Quartz Crystal Circle Bangle

Skirt: Ison – Wrap skirt in Champagne

Shoes: Ison – Fairy crystal Pumps (mesh) *Fairy Tales in 2012 exclusive

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It’s Fate!

Thanks to a good pointing in the right direction by two fab bloggers, Oh Ohna and Strawberry Singh (yes, THE Strawberry) I am now the proud owner of new mesh sight. These are simply the most advanced mesh eyes available in SL and for a reasonable $L395.


I could easily go through all the amazing things these eyes do but you should watch for yourself on Strawberry’s video as she has illustrated all the wonderful features there.

I have been wearing them for about 3 days now and I completely bowled over by their clarity, depth and sheer number of options and colors. The pupils even dilate relatively realistically if you would like them to. Go check them out here on the marketplace if you just want to jump right in!

Lyla xx

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All Toylike

This reminds me of why I love SL so much. Sometimes I think we need reminders when we’ve been complaining of lag, ill-fitting mesh items we paid too much for, or just that our sim is down and we end up in some wacky info hub with noobs. Us old folk need these reminders to show the beauty of the world we inhabit. We’re so lucky. Thanks for that, Torley.

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Cheap Makeup Sale!

Cheap Makeup Sale!

3 days left! Grab it all!

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The HipsterPaperdoll comes to tea!

Kitty Revolver comes to tea!

Up and coming blogger, Kitty Revolver sitting with me in my garden discussing all the relevant nonsense of the day.
Her blog, which can be found here, is a straight-forward, direct view into a hipster’s closet. She’s already on a few feeds and with a growing fan base she’s poised to take the fashion world by storm. I love when fresh faces start making a mark!

Check it out and leave some love..

Lyla x

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