The First of Many..

Hello! I’m Lyla Barbosa and I’ve been an avatar in Second Life for quite awhile. Thanks to my new friend, Galliano Boucher (see his lovely blog here), I have decided to create a blog myself and talk about my experiences (new and old) in Second Life. I am approximately 3 years, 5 months old and have seen, done and have heard it all in and about SL. Right now, though, I find myself at an impasse trying to decide if my Second Life bares any relevance after all this time. I don’t build, I don’t create fantastic DJ sets, I’m not in the fashion world (which rules, btw) nor do I have any desire to become an escort in the ever popular Red Light districts that SL is so very famous for. I am a wanderer, a photographer, a dancer, a socialite, a dreamer. The photo medium, Flickr, once was a haven for me that I felt completely in tune with, but as of late even that outlet has proven to be a dull ring in my ear. In effect, this blog is a documentation into the exploration of my Second Life, yet again, for all things beautiful, all things fascinating, all things imagery. Is anyone else out there feeling the same?

Lyla x

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