A Room with a View

My friends always comment on how great my private dressing room is that I placed high up in the sky on my land. It’s just a private little haven where I can change and try out my new wares from my latest shop. I keep a small make up vanity by Cheeky Pea that I can’t live without and my Carlyle Theas Wardrobe that has practically saved my life (more on that later).

Let me know what you think! I’m always open to ideas, possible improvements and shops I might have missed.

View of the window, pose area

Skyline skybox by Stank; Savannah chair, ottoman and table (with decor) from Cheeky Pea; Moving clouds painting, “Tableau01” by Node; Pro Pose stand by CW Studios; Easy Chair by Drobak; Dead Forest drapes by Nordari.

Vanity table, The Wardrobe and a vintage 2012 calender that is just perfect..

:CP: Getting Ready for the Party Vanity table by Cheeky Pea; CTS Wardrobe by Carlyle Theas; Vintage Pretty Girl – 2012 Calendar by The Stuff Store

Check out all the details on the table accessories. All can be rezzed all together (as shown) or separately through a menu system. It comes with 9 poses that you can choose through a menu in the seat. The table if clicked once will give you attachments to paint nails, brush hair or apply lipstick. Just perfect.

*I have modified mine slightly by changing the wood to a darker hue. That it’s mod comes in handy if you have a darker color scheme going.

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