THE Wardrobe to have is..

This past Christmas I received what would become the best solution (in my humble opinion) so far to most of our wardrobe woes. The CTS Wardrobe system by Carlyle Theas has proven to be unbelievably helpful in organizing and sorting out insane inventories. So far, three of my friends have invested in it and love it! It is more of a  commitment of your time than a financial one as this nifty wardrobe comes in at a fabulously affordable $L699. Many of us are visual people so this works out great when you haven’t a clue what “Armidi Gisaci Focsani Bag – Lare” could look like with your outfit. 

The physical in-world wardrobe comes scripted enabling you to change the color of the doors and frame separately which is nice, but I must say the textures provided, in this modern SL age, seem a bit dated. I would love an updated, possibly mesh (hint hint), scripted version with newer, fancier textures or the ability to modify this one.  That would make the physical wardrobe an absolute 10. Leaving that aside, it’s basic and functions well and since it is possible to change the textures it can compliment any décor quietly.

The accompanying website is the stuff of dreams. Its based on tags (which is the way forward for those of us with ridiculous amounts of wedged heels)  and therefore makes it super simple to find something that is “formal” and “green” and “sequined”. I had to redo loads of tags because it is case sensitive, so careful there (Thanks, Kitty!). There is a HUD that links you to the website in-world and comes complete with a pose stand with 15 preset poses, camera lock and many other handy features.

Tags to the left, with a proper search tool at the top of the page

The images are uploaded to the website via the Second Life email option when taking photos. You just send the emails to the CTS email address provided and they appear seconds later on your personal wardrobe page! It’s magic! There is so much instant gratification, I can hardly stand it.  For those of us who started Anya Ohmai’s tutorial, there is no need to fret or throw away all of those images. There is an upload feature at the top of your personal website to incorporate those as well.

When clicked, each image is shown enlarged for a closer view of the details and accessories. Under the edit tool (pencil icon at the top right of each image) you have access to every detail of the outfit or item including tags and which clothing layers/attachments will be removed to wear it. There is even space for remarks and public/private viewing options.

There is one more feature to be really excited about. Should you have an RLV (Restrained Love) enabled viewer you can actually dress yourself from the wardrobe! This does require that you drop all of the items you have photographed for the wardrobe into a specific “#RLV” folder. I have actually opted out of this. It’s just a step I’m not prepared to take with my in-world inventory. It is nice for those of you who only wear outfits and don’t do too much detailing. Once you have enabled RLV (I’ve seen it on the Phoenix and Firestorm viewers) you can click the wear option on the physical wardrobe in-world and you will be dressed in seconds.

Notice all of the attachment options including alphas!

I’ve only done 627 images so far, but I’m motivated! Look how neat this is!

For more information or to purchase one for yourself, visit the Carlyle Theas Solutions website. Let me know how you get on!

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2 Responses to THE Wardrobe to have is..

  1. mikacerna says:

    and it work perfectly?

    • lylabarbosa says:

      Yes! It’s actually really well done and receives updates for life. There is an in-world group where you can find support and the designer chimes in when needed. A great product with great customer service. It seems a bit daunting at first to go through the steps to set it all up but I think in the end things are much easier with regards to wardrobe management.


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