Put it on the wall

While everyone else is at the Epoch event and walking in the same spot for lag, I’m enjoying the quiet of one of my favourite furniture stores, Northwest, which is owned by the talented Lili Brink. I am in love with the décor and colour palette she chooses to work with and have practically bought the shop. Ages ago, I used to make my own frames and I always wondered when someone would come along and create classy, tasteful and realistic version of those horrible single primmed concoctions I used to make on the fly. For this reason, I’ve decided to highlight her designs while everyone else is blogging the Epoch. I really do feel that congratulations are in order to Anya and Sue for such a fabulous project that can be visited here.

Frames on a String, L$100 each

Texture change chalk board with Eluard poems, L$45

Lesha Frames, L$75 each

Vintage Posters, L$50 each

Fabulously high quality!.. I don’t know, I get excited about that kind of thing ❤

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2 Responses to Put it on the wall

  1. Arun Batra says:

    Good shout Mrs B! I love their stuff. Very classy indeed. Great textures and subtle shadow work – can’t go far wrong with these.

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